When deemed necessary we will direct our attention to the pool's plumbing system. There are many reasons that pipes fail underground. Often times settling in the ground will cause joints to fail. Sometimes fittings were never adequately glued during construction. More often these failures in Hampton Roads are due to the type of pipe used during installation. Many of these pools are plumbed with black poly pipe. This pipe was originally thought to be an improvement upon schedule 40 PVC. Unfortunately time has proven otherwise and this pipe is routinely cracking and splintering underground. Another type of faulty pipe often found in the area is flexible PVC. Flex PVC is very susceptible to collapse underground. Termites have also been known to eat holes in flex PVC. It may not be obvious that you have these pipes underground, as they are often connected to schedule 40 PVC above the ground at the pump.

Plumbing leaks are identified by individually pressurizing each line. Once we identify which line will not hold pressure, we begin to locate exactly where along the line the pipe is leaking. Atlantic Leak Detection can determine the exact path that your plumbing follows. We have many tools that enable us to pinpoint your leak. These include ultrasonic listening devices, helium detection, and video inspection of the inside of your underground pipes.

Leak detection and repair of your plumbing system is an area that sets us apart from the competition. Many local swimming pool professional will only trust information from Atlantic Leak Detection before they dig.

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