This is one company review that I really enjoy doing. Atlantic Leak Detection replaced an inground pipe for my inground swimming pool that is 30 years old. The work was meticulously completed in a short period of time and when they finished the cleanup process it was incredible. I have nothing to say but good things regarding Mike and his assistant Kyle. It was a real pleasure to get to know them both and I totally endorse this company. If you have swimming pool leak problems TRUST ME this is the company you want to go to.

Pete Nishnick

Matthew blew thru in October, 2016 & from the ground water coming up thru our pool, floated our 26,000 gallon pool liner. When the water finally receded, it left a wrinkle in our pool liner about 10 inches high in a star shape that covered the shallow end of our pool. We noticed it when we opened it.

Atlantic Leak was recommended to us, so we gave them a shot.

I couldn't be more thrilled with the outcome.

When I called they were very responsive. Within a few days of my call, they came out & took a look & gave me the price to fix the liner on the spot. Shortly thereafter, they came back out when they said they would & fixed the liner by pulling the wrinkle out of it. In a day & a half, we were back in business. You would never know the liner had such a huge wrinkle in it.

Both Mike & Jamie were not only very professional, but I felt they sympathized with our situation.

The pool once again looks amazing & Atlantic Leak is definitely a company that stands behind their word.

I would (& have) already recommended them. If such a thing would ever happen again, Atlantic Leak would be the first call I'd make.

Thanks so much Jamie & Mike! It was a pleasure doing business with you.

Mark & Annette Boomer

We called them as new pool owners with a leak we had no idea how to deal with thinking we were about to have an expensive repair on our hands. The owners called my husband back very quickly. In addition, took the time to help us fix our problem over the phone and didn't even charge us. Anyone could have taken advantage of us charging lots of money simply off of being new owners with no pool experience. I wish there was a higher rating for these folks!!! If u ever have a pool leak please call this company they are very honest hard working people!!!!

Ann Glaus

I determined I had a leak at the beginning of the summer. After researching the internet, I had visions of my pool, with the vinyl cover pulled back, digging up my drains, busted up concrete and trenches dug thru my carefully manicured lawn. I was expecting to go thru summer with no pool access, but plenty of mess and STRESS, not to mention the $$$$ I'd have to spend. I finally called Atlantic at the end of the season, when I got a $610 water bill, and made an appointment. Atlantic stayed in touch with me virtually every day until the big day came. I was told that 95% of their inspections reveal leaks in the liner, or around the skimmers, lights, and stairs, but I was still very skeptical and expecting the worst. A young man named Chas showed up, on time, and carefully explained the procedure. He said he's normally in the water about an hour, and so as not to mislead me, reminded me that there's always the 5% that get bad news. Sure enough, about an hour later, he emerged from the pool, victorious!!! I asked if he found the leak and he could hardly speak because his lips were "frozen"...it was Nov 17th and he wasn't kidding. He had found the leak and fixed it. After his lips thawed, he explained what he found and how he repaired it. The bill I received was exactly, to the penny, what the estimate was, $250..... and I got the estimate over the phone, before he ever got to my house. I could not be more happy with Atlantic. Their professionalism, honesty and efficiency was beyond excellent and I highly recommend them if you suspect a leak in your pool. Thank you.

Frank Jones

This is the company to call if you are having problems with your pool. Outstanding service, very reasonable pricing. We had 2 minor holes in our above ground pool and the Tech found and repaired both, He also performed a complete inspection of the side walls and bottom of the pool. The Tech was very professional, knowledgeable, polite and provided a detailed description of the status of our pool liner. This is a Great Company and I would without hesitation recommend Atlantic Leak Detection to all our friends.

Danny of Norfolk